A user/buyer will complete a form on our website. The form will be submitted to the influencers that the author has selected. Once influencers have been selected and approved, the author will be billed for the services and the posting/tweet will be done as scheduled. No posting/tweeting, etc., will be done before payment is received.

An influencer that has been selected will receive the final information with any changes that the user/buyer may have made, or the influencer has submitted to the author for consideration. Payment will be made by the User/Buyer and the posting will be done as scheduled.

Once the influencer has approved the posting, the user/buyer will follow the influencer's social media account.

There is no guarantee that the influencer’s followers on any or all accounts will respond to the posting made by the influencer. It is the responsibility of the User/Buyer to give the best possible tweet/posting that they can to get the best results.

This information is subject to change without notice.